Many thanks

We would like to thank to many people, who have helped us and are still helping us with our expedition and thus to make our big dream come true.
It would be impossible to list everyone, who has helped us, because there are so many of these nice people.

We would like to mention at least some of them, because they have been a great help to us.

Tomas Skotnica
  • our website administrator
  • he has arranged for our air tickets and a smooth transport of our oversize luggage
  • in my absence, he prepares the festival CYKLOCESTOVANI 2008

Vincent Beaufils from Wiener Neudorf
My boss from LKW Walter, who has approved of this long trip and let me be off work.

Vít Kolář - General konsul of the Czech republic in Sydney

Petr Jursa and his team from Frydek-Mistek
They have prepared our bikes for this long expedition.

Mr. Kubecek and Mr. Bek from Broumov
They have invented and made special parts to attach the bike holders to our bikes.

Lucie & Michal; Dalibor Kupka; Pavel Rücker
- have given us a lot of valuable advice, experience and tips for our bike travelling across Australia.

Pavel Loris from Prazmo
He has given us a lift to the airport and perhaps will also fetch us there when we return. In our absence, he is looking after our car.

Loris and Stiller families
Our parents have supported us to do this crazy trip.

Mirka Firkusna from Plane u Marianskych Lazni

She prepared our expedition first aid kit for us.

Sponsors and media

Sponsors for their equipment and media for their promotion

Of course, a big thank also belongs to the people in Australia, who have helped us.

Janet & Don Cheeseman - They picked us up at the Perth airport. We could stay in their house for four days in Attadale (Perth) and eat with them. They have showed us round Perth and given us a lot of good advice...
Lady from Northcliffe infocentre - 4 hours on internet for free
Manager of photoshop in Denmark - cleaning of our filter, download of our photos
Charlie Williams - sleeping on his land and cooking at his place, coffee
Girls from Taiwan - hot shower at their place
Polish couple from Perth - repellent spray
Williams from a farm near Ravensthorpe - bed, dinner and hot shower
Smiths from Esperance - two nights in, dinner, hot shower and internet
Monika & Mick Liebeck from Scaddan - 3 nights in, dinner, hot shower, ...
Travellers from Queensland - fresh oranges, milk and butter in the desert
Nicole from Minnipa - bed, dinner and hot shower
Kerry Steer & Stephen Carter - bed, dinner, internet and hot shower
Denny & Brigitte Nic - 5 nights, delicious meals, shower and much more!
Pavel Kohout from Adelaide - 3 nights, shower, ...
Prue & Mark Slater z Melbourne - 6 nights, eating and Christmas together
Sandor & Ildiko Nagy - 3 nights, eating and New Year's Eve together
Andy & Kate North from Kellevie - camping in their garden, hot shower, ...
Rosie & Stuart Barry from Hobart - 2 nights, hot showers, dinners, internet ...
Lachlan Hardy & Katherine Hood - 3 nights, hot showers, dinners, ...
Vlastik & Joza Skvaril from Burnie - 2 nights, dinners, hot showers, internet, ...
Valma & Mark from Mitcham - lunch
Ildiko & Danny Pennacchio from Melbourne - picknick and trip to Frankston
Pavel & Olga Kulkus from Mentone - night, dinner, hot shower, internet, ...
Danny & Liz Mc Ilwaine from Sale - sleeping on their land, shower, breakfast
John & Eva Provaznik from Bombala - night, dinner, shower
Owner of the Sport Club in Anaminaby - night under shelter in heavy rain, hot shower
Mindaugas & Rasa Mauragis from Canberra - 4 nights, showers, meals, internet, ...
Milan Busek and Martin Svehla from Canberra - invitation for pizza and drinks
Marketa Berkova & Alan Moses from Sydney - 4 nights, showers, internet, ...
Marcel Zitnik from Sydney - 2 nights, showersl, internet, surfing trip, ...
Vit Kolar from Sydney - 2 nights, showers, meal, internet, taxi to the airport...

... and all the others that we have met during our journey and they have given us good advice.
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