Travellers Renáta Lorišová and Martin Stiller

Renáta and Martin met in February 2002. They have done a lot of travelling together. They have been many times to the Slovakian and Austrian mountains with other friends of the University Tourist Club. They have climbed several “via ferratas” and been twice on a glacier.

Martin has shown Renáta how to travel on bike, which she has become fond of very much. They have started cycling together on a short 4-day trip covering 4 countries: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria and continued the following years in the mountains, first Pyrenees and then the Alps. Then, they changed for lowland Lithuania and returned the next year back to the mountains in Corsica.

Martin has already dreamt about biking across Australia for a few years and at the beginning of this year he started to push on the realization of the project, which brought Renáta in face of a very difficult decision to give up her job in order to join Martin on this bold trip. Renáta’s adventurous side of her character has won and they have started with the preparations of this project.
Renáta Lorišová
  Martin Stiller
Born in 1976, graduated from English for Business at the University of Ostrava.

She grew up in Pražmo near Frýdek-Místek. Currently, she is living in Frýdek-Místek and working in Šenov by Havířov.

She likes various sports activities; form outdoor sports, it is mainly cycling, climbing via ferratas, skiing, running and lately roller skating, but she also enjoys different indoor activities, e.g. fitness and dancing.

Travelling has always been a big attraction for her as it satisfies her adventurous spirit and craving for discovering of the unknown. She finds bike travelling an ideal way of travelling, very active and challenging and full of interesting situations and meetings.

Renata has already travelled on bike with her boyfriend Martin in many places:
The Pyrenees. It was her first big trip, which was easier than she expected. There are long but not very steep ascents and very well maintained asphalt roads. There is not much traffic. The area is sparsely settled offering a lot of good sites for free camping.

The Alps. She was fascinated by the beautiful mountain sceneries. Cycling in the Alps is more challenging, because the ascents are steeper, full of serpentines busy with motorbikes and cars. They bikers managed to get to 3000 meters above sea level with the fully laden bikes.

Lithuania has a got a gently rolling countryside, full of piny forests, old picturesque villages and friendly, welcoming people, most of them still talking Russian. This trip was largely about meeting people and Renata was happy to revive her half-forgotten Russian.

Corsica with its pleasant warm climate is very hilly; the mountains are full of semi-wild but tame pigs. It is very difficult to find a flat spot for the tent.

She has also visited Iceland, which is fascinating, but too cold for her and Mexico, where she spent the best holiday of her life (in Mexico City and travelling in Oaxaca state) and will definitely return there one day to visit her special friends.

Renata prefers countries with sunny and warm climate, because camping when it is cold changes the adventure into a struggle.

Renata likes learning languages, which enables her to get closer to the people on her travels. She speaks English, Spanish and some Russian.

She cooperates with Martin on testing of the products of the prominent Czech producers of sports equipment, e.g. TILAK, SPORT ARSENAL, JUREK S+R, VELLA, RUBENA and other foreign companies, e.g. MEINDL, VERTEC, TRANGIA, TERMOVEL etc..
  Born in 1980, graduated from Tourism at VŠB-TU Ostrava and then Management and Marketing at UTB Zlín.

Martin was born and grew up in Broumov, in the area of the sand stone rocks. At present, he is living in Frýdek-Místek, in the Beskydy region, and working in Vienna.
He has acquired a certificate of a mountain guide and is also a certified tour guide. He is a very active alpine hiker and especially bike traveller. He is a member of the Czech traveller club.

He has cycled through a big part of Europe. In the summer 2001, he undertook a hard bike expedition “Across Europe from the Czech Republic to Africa” – 5750 km via 10 states and 2 continents. He biked up over 60 mountain passes, e.g. Passo dello Stelvio 2758 m, Timmelsjoch 2509 m, Edelweisspitze 2571 and others. With his girlfriend Renáta, they managed to reach the alpine chalet Pirovano in 3050m on the fully laden bikes.

Bike travelling has become his passion and led him to the creation of purely bike-travelling festival “Cyklocestování” held traditionally in Frýdek-Místek (more about the festival at

Though very young, he has already travelled across more than 30 countries and this is by all means not the end of his travelling plans. Travelling has become his addiction and joy, which he intends to pursue in the future.

He works as a guide for a travel agency “TURISTIKA A HORY”, e.g. in Wallis and Julian Alps, Dachstein range, Ukraine, Norway, Iceland and also Kenya.

His hobby is getting to know new countries, sport and he also likes taking photographs. He prepares slideshows from his travels and expeditions, which he has been presenting with a big public acceptance for several years in schools, libraries, museums or other cultural organizations throughout the whole Czech Republic (all the details about his slideshows can be found at He has also been performing regularly at various travel festivals and sports fairs.

Occasionally, he publishes his articles in sports, travel or outdoor magazines. His articles also appear in the dailies, regional magazines etc. From time to time, he talks on the Czech radio.

He cooperates with and tests the products of the prominent Czech producers of sports equipment, e.g. TILAK, SPORT ARSENAL, JUREK S+R, VELLA, RUBENA and other foreign companies, e.g. MEINDL, VERTEC, TRANGIA, TERMOVEL etc..

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